Solar panel servicing and maintenance in Sydney


In order to keep your solar panels operating safely, correctly and efficiently, it is important to carry out regular solar panel maintenance. It’s just like having your car serviced – regular solar panel servicing will ensure that your solar system is operating properly.

Overtime, your solar panels may get affected by: 

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Dust & Debris

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Water & Moisture Seepage

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The Elements (Hail, Wind & Sunlight)

All of these are common issues and can impact the functionality of your solar system if not maintained. Regular maintenance will also ensure the safety of the residents of the home or people who frequent the building, as well as electrical workers that work on the distribution network.

We conduct solar panel service and maintenance in Sydney and we ensure the following:

  • The panels are clean and free of defects
  • All parts of the system, including wires, are in good working order (no damage, deterioration or corrosion)
  • The vents are clean with no debris
  • All fittings and cables are securely attached
  • The inverter display panel is reviewed for recorded faults
  • Clear access to the isolator switches
  • Emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed
  • We can also install VEXO Solar Mesh Guards to keep birds & vermin out of the solar panels

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Solar Maintenance FAQs

How often should a solar system be serviced?

Typically solar systems should be serviced at least every five years. This may depend on your solar provider, so it is recommended that you check the maintenance schedule that has been provided by your solar retailer or installer.

How do you service a solar system?

When performing a solar system service, we will inspect the entire system and perform any adjustments or repairs needed.

Do solar panels require regular maintenance?

Solar panels require little to no maintenance. Because they are installed outside, you will need to clean them on a regular basis to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris that may be blocking the sun’s rays.

Is it necessary to clean solar panels on a regular basis?

We recommend cleaning your solar panels a few times a year to ensure they perform at their best. You may extend the life of your system by doing routine maintenance, allowing you to enjoy an efficient system for many years to come. If your panels aren’t generating as much power as usual, it might be due to dirt or debris.

How do I tell whether my solar system needs to be serviced?

Solar power systems are a substantial investment, so you’ll want to make sure they’re running as smoothly and effectively as possible. To do so, you’ll want to have them serviced by solar panel professionals. We have a team of highly qualified and fully licensed solar specialists at Solar Water Wind who can inspect and service your solar power system.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether your solar system needs servicing:

  • Was your system installed more than three years ago?
  • Is your system performing as well as you would expect?
  • Has the company that supplied your solar system gone out of business/uncontactable?
  • Would you like to expand or upgrade the system to generate more power?
  • Do you want peace of mind that your solar system is running effectively?

Is it true that solar panels can be damaged quickly?

No, solar panels are made to resist extreme weather. Solar panels are protected by high-quality, long-lasting glass.

What is the expected lifespan of solar panels?

If properly maintained, solar panels can last up to 10-25 years. That is why it is critical to keep your solar panels in good working order.