Solar Water Wind is committed to maintaining all aspects of your PV installation at the highest level of quality, which is why only premium products and expert staff are utilised.

As a result, we are pleased to stand behind the quality of both our PV System products and expertise. 

Detailed below is our warranty policy pertaining to and delineating your consumer rights. The standard minimum retailer warranty for all products, workmanship, operations, and performance of the entire PV System is 5 years.


Solar Water Wind stands behind a 10-year workmanship warranty. This 10-year workmanship warranty is available to all consumers for whom Solar Water Wind has installed PV Systems, replaced inverters, and performed repairs on existing Solar Water Wind installed systems, including the functioning and performance of the system.

Solar Water Wind has ensured that only the highest quality brands of panels, inverters, and installation equipment are used and/or supplied with our installation and maintenance services. If the product fails to meet performance or durability standards, is malfunctioning, or is otherwise defective, the manufacturer’s warranty claim procedures must be followed. 


This warranty becomes effective only after we have received all payments owed by you for the solar system and the solar system has been transferred to you.

This warranty will become null and void if:

  • The solar system is ever worked on (including for repairs or modifications) by anyone other than a Solar Water Wind installer or other Solar Water Wind authorised person; or
  • You disregard any reasonable directions from Solar Water Wind regarding the use and maintenance of the solar system, whether they are written down or given verbally.


Following the initiation of a claim between the consumer and Solar Water Wind Administration, Solar Water Wind will implement repairs and/or replacements within a reasonable timeframe.


The original purchaser of the solar system can transfer this warranty to any subsequent buyer of the property where the solar system was installed.


This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Any intentional harm or abuse;
  • Your current electrical installation, wiring, and fuse box;
  • Damage resulting from acts beyond “human control,” such as wrong voltage or power surges, accidents, or other occurrences beyond our control.
  • Deterioration brought on by vermin, animals, or pests;
  • Any damage to your property caused by the failure or malfunction of the solar system;
  • Any type of damage that was not reasonably foreseeable or could not have been anticipated as a consequence of:
  • A failure to provide installation services in accordance with the terms of our agreement; and/or
  • The installation services did not comply with any of the consumer guarantees outlined in the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Any alterations to your property that are required as a result of the installation services being rendered;


The Australian Consumer Law prohibits the exclusion of our installation services’ warranties.

In the event of a problem with installation services that is not defined as a “major failure” under the Australian Consumer Law and that is capable of being remedied, you must allow us the opportunity to do so at no cost and within a reasonable amount of time.

In the event of a problem with installation services that the Australian Consumer Law defines as a “major failure” or that cannot be remedied, you are entitled to:

  • Cancel the agreement and receive a refund; or
  • Receive compensation for the difference between the value of the installation services you received and what you paid. 

You are also entitled to compensation for any loss or damage that was reasonably foreseeable as a consequence of:

  • According to the Australian Consumer Law, the installation services do not satisfy any consumer guarantee; and/or
  • Our failure to provide installation services in accordance with the terms of our agreement.

Solar Water Wind is not liable for any personal injury, loss, or damage of any kind that was not reasonably foreseeable or could not be expected to result from the aforementioned circumstances.